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Tiny Humans offers a wide range of services and classes from Car Seat Installation to First Aid & CPR certification.

Safety is our #1 priority and we strive to empower all caregivers in all capacities with the knowledge and skills

to keep loved ones safe and know what to due in an emergency. 


We are your go-to resource for help, training and information! 


 We provide education and skills training for everyone who cares for kids in all facets of parenthood and childcare.

Whether it be childproofing the home, learning basic first aid, knowing what to do if your child is choking, proper transportation of children in vehicles, choosing the right daycare, breastfeeding support... the list goes on!


We are here for YOU!


Our Training Programs

Certification & Hands-On Training by Certified Technicians and Instructors

Car Seats

Over 75% of car seats are installed or used incorrectly!


Many parents don't even realize it and it's not their fault! This poses a huge threat to the safety of children everywhere. 


Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians provide comprehensive guidance from choosing the RIGHT car seat to installaing and using it CORRECTLY!


Call today to make sure your child is in the RIGHT SEAT,


First Aid CPR AED

Whether for work, a parent or a caregiver, EVERYONE benefits from First Aid CPR AED Training & Certification!


Basic First Aid 


Adult, Child & Infant CPR AED Choking


Basic Life Saver for Healthcare Providers (BLS for HCP)


Babysitter Training


Bloodborne Pathogens


Other Classes

We strive to meet the many needs of parents and caregivers by offering a wide range of classes. Our current classes include:



Classes by Certified Lactation Consultants


Midwife or Doula Services


To Daycare or Not?


Home Safety for Infants & Children

Seats fill fast and class size is limited. Register today!

Click on Workshops and choose your class!



Overview of what Tiny Humans Offers:


*Hands-On Car Seat Proper Use and Installation Training 

We assess your current situation AND develop a plan for the future! Please visit the Car Seats 101 page for more information and the Reserve Class or Appt page to set up your personalized appointment.



*Classes for new and seasoned parents, grandparents and all caregivers

Instruction on car seat types, correct use and installation practices, current laws and planning for the future.

Please visit Classes We Teach to learn more.



*Certification Classes for Medical Professionals, Workplace compliance, Child Care Professionals

Basic Life Saver for Healthcare Professioanls, First Aid CPR AED (OSHA compliant) for the Workplace,

Pediatric First Aid CPR AED and Car Seat Training for those caring for children.

Please visit Classes We Teach and For Child Care Professionals pages for more information and Reserve Class or Appt page to reserve your seat.

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