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What is Tiny Humans?

Our children are our tiny little humans (thus the name!) They are little versions of us that depend on us for 100% of their needs. Parenting doesn't come with a handbook and there isn't one 'right' way to do it.

Tiny Humans helps parents and caregivers make sure each child is in the right seat and right position. We also provide consultation in choosing the correct car seat for the child that fits your vehicle(s) BEFORE you buy, a GREAT service for new parents! Our personalized service is provided at the home of each client for the best results and a more comfortable learning environment.


Tiny Humans is the ONLY independently operating Professional Car Seat Installation organization in the Sacramento area. Our goal is to be a resource for all families when it comes to vehicle safety as children grow. The law requires ALL children 8 and under to be in some type of car seat and the new 2017 law requires are children under 24 months to ride rear-facing. We will be there with you through every step!



Why Tiny Humans?

Resources in the Sacramento are very limited and appointments with local agencies can sometime be months out and are only available during standard work day hours. Check-up events are sporadic, sometimes by appointment only and you can be waiting in line for hours.


We provide appointments beyond the typical work day and on weekends. Our services are more comprehensive and personalized just for you and your family. We want to be THE resource people turn to.  Safety of our children trumps everything! The resources, at least in our area, are dishearteningly minimal and crucial information isn't getting to everyone caring for children. Yes, we do charge for our services. We would love to do it for free, but life doesn't allow for that, unfortunately.



Now, who exactly is Tiny Humans' founder, CEO, instructor, Captain of the ship?

Well, my name is Carrie and I'm owner of Tiny Humans.

I am a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, First Aid and CPR Instructor and an active member of the military. I served four years with the Army National Guard and am currently serving with the

Air Force Reserve. I worked full time as a Blackhawk helicopter mechanic at the Army Aviation Support Facility and MedEvac unit right here in Mather, CA before crossing over to the blue with the Air Force Reserve.

I really enjoy teaching and helping other people. I absolutley love learning for myslef and learn even more when I teach others. Parenting can be very difficult, especially in our society. Helping families navigate the intense commercialization and social stigmas surroudning parenthood is a challenge I gladly accept.



Why did I become a Certified Car Seat Technician?

I have first-hand experience becoming a new parent in the greater Sacramento area. In our own search for information and correct installation of our car seat in our vehicles, my husband and I discovered how limited the resources in our area are. I have decided to fill that gap in our community and provide this service that is much needed with an easily accessible schedule that doesn't have a weeks or months-long waiting list or limited to  standard business hours. Pregnancy only lasts so long, so waiting months for an appointment is unfeasible and taking more time off of work for baby-related appointments is sometimes impossible.

Time = money and there's only so much sick/annual leave that can be taken, if you get any at all. I've been there and absolutely understand.



Why fuels my passion for this specific type of safety?

I have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter that makes me laugh while testing my own patience and matches my own strong-willed nature every day. I wouldn’t give it up for the world. As a mother, I know there is only so much I can do to protect my daughter from the unpredictable chaos that surrounds us. Keeping her as safe as possible, especially while in a vehicle, is something I do have control over. I want to help YOU take that control, too.


When I was 16, I lost my father in a car accident. If the proper safety devices in the vehicle had engaged as designed, he might still be here today. The tragedy surrounding my father’s accident fuels my passion to not only protect my own child, but to help as many families as I can to protect, mitigate and prevent any harm to their own precious Tiny Humans. I do everything I can to make sure I won’t lose my child to another driver as well as protecting myself so my daughter doesn’t grow up missing a parent. It’s a truly horrible experience I wish on nobody.


As an aircraft mechanic, safety and attention to detail is imperative. Countless safety briefings on almost every hazard possible within the workplace as well as at home, travelling and so on, only add to the training I've received for as a Child Passenger Safety Technician and First Aid and CPR instructor.  



Safety is paramount! The attention to detail I’ve received so much training on will carry over with each family I work with and every seat I assist in installing.


My #1 priority is helping you to always safely transport your precious 

Tiny Humans from birth to those hair-graying teenage years!


Professional Car Seat Installation & First Aid CPR AED Certification

Tiny Humans provides hands-on instruction for correct use, placement, and installation of car seats by Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. We also teach CPR, First Aid and other child safety classes.


Tiny Humans LLC
Clarksville, TN 37042


Phone: 916-579-3015

Email: info@tinyhumans.org

Tiny Humans, LLC BBB Business Review

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