BASIC Criteria for Choosing the Right Car Seat:


1. Child's age, height and weight. This determines the type of car seat required and what direction (rear or forward) the seat needs to be facing. 


#1 is the most important information of all!

Car seats have specified limits for various functions, all dependent on the child's measurements.


2. Type of vehicle car seat will be placed in. Not all vehicles have the same amount of space to work with. Seat size is dependent upon the space available, which will determine which brand and models will meet your needs.


3. Where the car seat will be placed in the vehicle. Not all seat positions can accomodate all car seats. Middle seats are generally narrower and will not accomodate larger seats and bases. Seat position is crucial to the type of seat you need and vice-versa. 


4. Are there other car seats in the vehicle as well? Car seats come in all shapes, sizes and directions. And they shouldn't touch, nor can they tough the seat in front of it in rear-facing mode. How much space is available and what type of seat you need will determine which seat or seats are right for you. 


5. How long will this seat last? Kids grow quickly! One growth spurt can go from plenty of room to too tight or too tall in a matter of WEEKS! Preparing for that will save you tons of money!


This is just the MINIMUM criteria. There are so many variables with car seats and car seat bases, which all depend on the child and what vehicle(s) the car seats will be used in. 


Choosing the RIGHT car seat for your child AND vehicle in the correct application is CRITICAL for safety


Remember, the car seat that comes with a stroller, the cute design or the bigger one that might SEEM like it will last the longest, MAY NOT be the RIGHT seat!



Please let us help you make the RIGHT choice Before you buy!




Professional Car Seat Installation & First Aid CPR AED Certification

Tiny Humans provides hands-on instruction for correct use, placement, and installation of car seats by Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. We also teach CPR, First Aid and other child safety classes.


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